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"What is Imagine?"

Imagine is an internship for young adults to receive hands-on ministry training. Our purpose is to equip ministry leaders ready to serve the church with character and a passion to reach people for Jesus. Our mission is to help train and prepare the individuals that are with us: Classroom setting, serving in our beautiful community and learning the practical and spiritual disciplines of leadership. Imagine will challenge you and prepare you for what God has called you to do.


How You Will Learn


We use Berean School of the Bible from Global university for our bible classes. We believe a foundational knowledge of the bible is important for every Christian.


We believe in getting out of the classroom and gaining experience. Whether it's outreach in our community, or serving in the Church, the hands-on learning will give you experience you can't get in a classroom.


We have teachers and pastors in our church who will be teaching straight out of The Bible. You can expect encouragement, challenges and wisdom from The Word of God in these special classroom settings.


It's time to "Imagine The Possibilities" of what God can do in your life.    

College Friends

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