"What is Imagine School of Leadership?"

Imagine is a full time leadership school that offers students the opportunity to explore ministry hands on while taking accredited college classes.

At Imagine students are given the chance to discover their God given purpose while being mentored by experienced leaders who are sold out the the Kingdom of God.

We believe that it is crucial for God's people to be in leadership positions in all areas of life both in and outside the church.

We are dedicated to empowering students to maximize their potential in community, ministry, and beyond.


How You Will Learn


We offer college classes through

WestCoast Bible College. 

We believe a foundational knowledge of the bible is important for every Christian and want to ensure that this knowledge is transferable to all areas of life.


We believe in getting out of the classroom and gaining experience. Whether it's outreach in our community, serving in the Church, or traveling the hands-on learning will give you experience you can't get in a classroom.


We have teachers and pastors in our local church who will be teaching directly from the Bible on a regular basis.

You can expect to be challenged, encouraged, and to gain foundational wisdom from these teachings.