Daily Life

What You Will Do

The Classroom

Students of Imagine School of Leadership will spend a significant amount of time in the classroom.  Along with facilitating our online college classes we have a variety of distinguished pastoral and ministerial leaders along with established professionals who will be pouring their wisdom and experience into our students.  From learning to create and monitor a monthly budget from a local financial advisor to how to craft and present a sermon from our Lead Pastor with over a quarter century of ministry experience, students will be able to glean from God's seasoned servants. Let's take a closer look!

Prayer and Worship

We start every school day with a solid hour of prayer and/or worship time.  We keep it fresh by alternating times of silence, light worship music, LOUD worship music, live worship music, group prayer, praying for each other as well as other methods.  Students are required to leave their phones and smart devices on a table by the sanctuary entrance and are allowed to read the bible and journal during this time unless we are participating in a group prayer.

We also spend Sunday nights in prayer with the rest of the church body.  When the weather is nice we are in downtown Portsmouth worshiping in public and open air preaching.  If the weather is not so nice, or we have specific prayer needs of the church we meet in the sanctuary for a focused time of prayer.


Most school days we follow prayer time with discipleship.  We share the 3 P's (Praise Reports, Prayer Requests and Personal Reflections) and have a short devotional time led by either staff or students.

Bible Study

We have multiple Bible Studies every week.  Our Lead Pastor Chad Lynn shares from his heart every week in a class we titled "The Pastor's Heart".  We also have incredible lay ministers who are truly gifted teachers.  Marshall Lambrecht teaches the students straight from the Word of God with an extensive knowledge of Bible history and theology.  Our director Dillon Kendall also leads studies and shares daily with the students.

WCBCS / Study Time

Monday - Thursday there is an allotted time for working on class assignments typically 2 hours long.  Students may be preparing sermons, memorizing their scriptures or working on WCBCS classes among other things.  Our director has office hours during this time as well and is available to meet to assist with organization and time management planning to make your time of study most productive.

Ministry Basics

Ministry Basics is a class held once a week where we have ministry professionals, pastors and teachers come to share with the students from their experience and knowledge.  They may share their testimony and how they knew God called them into their ministry or an encouraging word that God lays on their heart.  During your school year you will hear from more than 20 ministry professionals and be able to glean from their experience and wisdom.

Ministry Focus

Ministry Focus is a time for students to work in teams on specific ministry projects.  We might be hosting a fundraiser event or putting together the details for "Experience Weekend".  We could be working on video projects or social media campaigns.  Depending on the talents and desires of the students, this block will be utilized to create effect ministries to be utilized by Imagine SL and the church!

Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the most common fears of mankind.  We work with students to get comfortable standing on a stage with the lights on and the microphone loud.  We practice this way in our sanctuary sharing testimonies and short prepared messages every other week.  Students will prepare one full length sermon each semester and present it to the class.  We video tape all of our messages so that students can review themselves preaching.  With students permission we may use some of these videos for promotional materials


We believe the church exists not only for believers, but for all mankind to see and give glory to God.  We partner with local ministries and spend time serving our community and meeting the needs of those less fortunate.

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."  [Matthew 5:14-16]

We've partnered extensively with Operation Blessing here in Portsmouth which is an amazing ministry!  Learn more about operation blessing here:

Leadership Essentials

In this staff led class you will learn essential leadership skills that permeate the whole essence of our school: Understanding Personality Types; Effective Time Management; Clear Communication; Extreme Ownership; Above the Line Leadership; Visioneering; and Healthy Confrontation to name a few.

This class is meant to equip you with the life leadership skills required to stand firm in the faith and impact the nations with a life lived unto God.  Often times the word “leader” is used to put someone on a platform and lift them up, but we know true leaders are those who humbly follow the example of Christ our Lord “who though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.” [Phil 2:6-8]

Life Skills

Sometimes in a rush to learn the core subjects such as math, science, humanities and english, we neglect skills such as budgeting, nutrition and fitness, cooking and cleaning.  We take these things seriously and invite professionals in to teach us how to get it done!  We have financial advisors along with certified fitness and nutrition coaches who come alongside our ministry and volunteer their experience and skill for our benefit!  

Scripture Memorization & Word Devours

Throughout the year we are memorizing scripture and performing in depth word studies on a weekly basis.  These are graded assignments and tests.

Download our weekly schedule here:


Your Free Time

Part Time Jobs

Part time work is optional.  If requested we will help students complete resumes and apply for jobs.  Students are required to pay for food, books, clothing and other necessities so in some cases a part time job is encouraged.


We have designated study time built into our schedule, but it is not in most cases sufficient to complete all of your schoolwork.  To stay on track and produce quality work it is expected students will spend free time completing assignments, memorizing scriptures, and studying the Word.  


We live in a beautiful part of the country with beaches, lighthouses, mountains, and quaint coastline cities (The quaintest of which is no doubt Portsmouth)!  In your time here you will experience all 4 distinct seasons.  Busses, Ubers and Lyfts are available to explore the region if you don't have a car.


Rest is so important!  At times our schedule is packed with travel and ministry and maintained school assignments.  When we have down time it is important to prioritize rest.

Lazy Sunday


Where You Will Live

Home Openers

Students live with home openers from our home church.  Home openers are members of our church who willingly open their homes to host students 1 year at a time.  These generous servants of Christ do not receive any compensation for opening their homes and we stress to our students how imperative it is that they respect this great gift of compassion.  Every situation is unique and students may not know where they will be placed until they arrive at school.  We realize that this may seem unnerving to prospective students, but having done this for the last 16 years we are not only confident in the feasibility of this approach but so very appreciative of the benefits.  The home opener - student relationship is something we take very seriously from both sides.  We require feedback from both the students and the home - openers and are consistent in making this work for all parties.

byron and nancy 2.jpg

Byron and Nancy Grant

"Being a home opener is an inspiring experience with unforgettable memories"

Tammy and Tim.jpg

Tim and Tammy Joslyn

"For me, just to have the honor of being a student with them brought so much blessing to my life!"

Ben and Sabrina.jpg

Ben and Sabrina Hodgkins

"Being a home opener is great! We love being able to play a small part in shaping these future world shapers and kingdom makers!




We travel to other churches who graciously open their doors for us to come and minister the Word of God.  We travel with musicians, prayer warriors and preachers to bring quality ministry wherever we go. We allow students to step up and lead as they feel led and as we approve of their character & ability.


Event Force is a private company born out of discipleship schools like ours that provides concierge services to large conferences across the country.  They hire almost exclusively staff, students and alumni from discipleship schools like ours to serve clients such as Microsoft and other large tech and manufacturing companies.  We will leave for weeks at a time to work these shows and raise money for tuition.  During these times we get to explore new cities and fellowship with students from other discipleship schools.


Every year we plan a short term missions trip typically lasting 8-12 days in length.  Our brothers and sisters across the globe serve the same God as us and it is incredibly gratifying and unifying to pray alongside and meet the needs of those brothers and sisters in their environment.  We have a network of international connections that we stay in touch with and plan accordingly.  We will raise funds throughout the year to offset the cost, but each student is required to pay for their own trip above regular tuition costs.

Our Church

Connect Community Church

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