A School of Fish

Why a "School of Leadership"? ~ A message from our director Dillon Kendall ~

Hello! I just want to take a minute to explain why we exist and why I have given my life to developing such a school. Let's take a look at this example from nature! I am a nature documentary enthusiast!

In the deep blue sea, fish must learn to protect themselves from a wide variety of enemies. In this case the enemy is the sailfish. If the sailfish swims directly at the blob of fish, the blob is able to morph around the incoming attack and the sailfish will not be able to eat.

This is a successful method of defense!

In order to eat, the clever sailfish must use his sword-like beak to knock one fish out of the group. It can then outswim and out maneuver the disoriented and isolated fish and easily gets his meal! Whether it's the lion hunting the antelope, or the wolf chasing caribou the principal remains. The enemy must chose a target and separate it from the group. This principal in nature is also applicable spiritually.

In this day and age it is common practice for young adults in the USA to leave home and pursue an education. This is by no means a bad thing! Unfortunately for those who believe in, trust in, and rely on Jesus Christ, the world is full of spiritual enemies. The spirit of this world is held captive by the prince of the power of the air which is satan. We must not be ignorant of the spiritual warfare that is around us. As Christians, we must stay together and protect one another from spiritual attack.

Our School of Leadership is a foundational discipleship program that equips believers to stand firm on their faith in the midst of life's greatest challenges. We are a ministry of Connect Community Church, and as such we are able to stay connected to the body of believers here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We offer accredited and transferable college credits to students while giving hands on experience. Students are part of a unique community of committed believers who memorize bible verses and seek first the Kingdom of God. With year by year commitments we are able to facilitate the student who wants to participate for a "gap year" as well as the student who wants to complete our leadership programming and be launched into their destiny.

My vision for our school is to launch righteous individuals into the world. Whether you want to pursue a career in ministry, or business, or become a stay at home parent I believe this program is for you. Come join us for a year (or three!) and grow in your faith while you stay connected to the church. I hope to launch you into the next season of your life with purpose, confidence, and a clear focus.

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